Geology Coringa

The Coringa Project is located in the southeastern part of the Tapajós gold district. The project is underlain by Proterozoic granites and rhyolitic volcanics. The main structural trends are northwest and north-northwest. The Coringa shear-vein system is coincident with the north-northwest trend (345 degrees) and dips 70 to 90 degrees to the northeast. It is interpreted as a Riedel shear related to dextral strike slip movement along the northwest-trending structures. Five zones of vein mineralization (Valdette, Galena, Mae de Leite, Meio, Come Quieto) occur along the main shear zone, which is 7 km long. Many other parallel mineralized structures, including the Serra and Demetrio veins, are also present.
Gold occurs in quartz-sulphide veins which range in thickness from 0.15 to 14.0 m. Chlorite-hematite alteration is distal and sericite-pyrite alteration is proximal to the veins.