Local Initiatives

Serabi Gold commenced its operations at the Palito Gold Mine in the Jardim do Ouro area in 2001 and has worked in close association and consultation with members of the surrounding communities, helping to fund various projects and capital works.

Jardim do Ouro was previously the supply centre for a number of small, mainly artisanal mining operations in the area. It was a poorly organised and fluctuating community frequented for supplies by those involved in the mining operations. The population of Jardim do Ouro today is approximately 1000 people.

With the natural exhaustion of alluvial gold in the region, most of the mining workers moved on and the small community that once greeted several hundred customers daily was left with inadequate support, leaving the community with limited infrastructure and income.

Through its community relations representative, Serabi meets regularly with delegates of the Jardim do Ouro and Sao Chico communities in an effort to highlight and assist the region’s needs, identifying where resources are required. Serabi works in co-operation with the communities to find solutions to this end and has for many years assisted with road upkeep during the unpredictable wet season providing equipment such as trucks, bulldozers and front-end loaders.

Serabi is also working in the region to promote security for Jardim do Ouro citizens. A 2003 agreement between Serabi Gold and the State Military Police outlined a joint effort whereby Serabi provides board and lodging for three policemen at Jardim do Ouro in association with the community.

Additionally, as a benefit of mains power being set up at the Palito Operation, Serabi initiated and part-funded the infrastructure for grid power to be taken to the local community of Jardim do Ouro.

Serabi Gold is a member of the Parent’s School Association and has built new schools in both Jardim do Ouro and Sao Chico to provide improved conditions for local children to study and further their education. The Company continues to provide ongoing support to these schools by funding education programmes, computer hardware and books.

In addition, the medical clinic built inside the Palito camp accommodating nurses, a physician and a dentist provide medical care not only for Serabi personnel but also to members of the surrounding community. The clinic also provides medically supervised accommodation.  A similar facility is planned for the Sao Chico mining operation.